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The 2022 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2022) brings together hundreds of researchers, trainers, tool developers, software engineers, and  computational infrastructure providers, all addressing common challenges in data intensive science using the Galaxy data integration and analysis platform.

  • July 17-23, 2022
  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

This annual gathering of the Galaxy community includes training, talks, posters, demos, Birds of a Feather meetups, and many other opportunities for collaboration and networking. GCC2022 will be an in-person meeting with limited support for remote attendees. There is no better event than GCC2022 to share your work and learn form others working in data-intensive science.

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Sunday, July 17

10:20am CDT

1. Bottom-Up against F/RE: Comparing bottom-up proteomics and a modified Edman degradation methodology for automated, untargeted protein adductomics analysis within the Galaxy platform. Salon ABCD RoomAndrew T. Rajczewski 10. Galaxy in AnVIL for Education Salon ABCD RoomNatalie Kucher 11. Automating Galaxy Tool Benchmarks Salon ABCD RoomKeith Suderman 12. From Newcomer to Contributor: a New Developer Experience with Galaxy Salon ABCD RoomTyler Collins • Ahmed Awan • Michelle Savage 13. GA4GH Task Execution Schema Support in Galaxy Salon ABCD RoomKyle Ellrott 14. Galaxy workflows to BioCompute Objects Salon ABCD RoomCharles [Hadley] King 2. A unified computing environment for genomics data storage, management, and analysis: NHGRI Genomic Data Science Analysis, Visualization, and Informatics Lab-Space (AnVIL) Salon ABCD RoomStephen Mosher 3. AlphaFold on Galaxy: fast and accurate modelling of protein structures Salon ABCD RoomCameron Hyde 4. An integrated Galaxy-driven workflow for host-microbiota proteomics and targeted assay development to study host-microbe dynamics in clinical cystic fibrosis samples Salon ABCD RoomTimothy J. Griffin 40. Calvera: A Platform for Neutron Scattering Data Analysis Salon ABCD RoomSergey Yakubov • Jon Fortney 41. Selenium based performance monitoring and load testing for Galaxy servers Salon ABCD RoomSimon Gladman 5. Automated Reference Genome Assembly in Galaxy in Collaboration with the Vertebrate Genome Project Salon ABCD RoomAlex Ostrovsky • Delphine Lariviere 6. CGH and transcryptome analysis reveals genes related to survival in acute lymphoblastic leukemia Salon ABCD RoomJessica Alejandra Zapata García 7. Creating Galaxy workflows to empower research into Australia's unique fauna Salon ABCD RoomAnna Syme 8. Find and share Galaxy workflows with the community using Dockstore.org Salon ABCD RoomAvani Khadilkar 9. Galaxy Australia: an Evolving Scientific Instrument Salon ABCD RoomGareth Price
Monday, July 18

10:20am CDT

15. Galaxy Media Site - a full featured landing site for Galaxy Australia Salon ABCD RoomCameron Hyde 16. Galaxy Pipeline for Quantitative Analysis of Enriched Phosphopeptides Salon ABCD RoomArthur Eschenlauer 17. Let the analysis be GiN: Galaxy in Notebooks Salon ABCD RoomJayadev Joshi 18. Microbial strain characterization and subtyping of metagenome-assembled genomes with Sequence Bloom Trees in Galaxy Salon ABCD RoomFabio Cumbo 19. Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Viral Helicases in Galaxy Salon ABCD RoomBryan Raubenolt 20. Multi-Species Bulk RNA sequencing on explanted hiPSC-derived engineered myocardium tissue Salon ABCD RoomKiera Dwyer 21. Secure deployment and hosting of Galaxy workflow using container orchestration tools and infrastructure as Code Salon ABCD RoomSoyean Kim 22. A Global Hub: A home on the web for every Galaxy community Salon ABCD RoomNick Stoler 23. RASCL: Rapid Assessment of selection in clades through molecular sequence analysis Salon ABCD RoomAlexander Lucaci 24. NCBI Datasets, a new resource for accessing NCBI genome data in Galaxy Salon ABCD RoomNuala O'Leary 25. RNA Deconvolution with MuSiC Salon ABCD RoomMehmet Tekman 26. Galaxy ProTo 2.0 Redux: Dynamic tool prototyping using Interactive Tools Salon ABCD RoomSveinung Gundersen 39. Introducing the Galaxy Mentor Network Salon ABCD RoomAssunta DeSanto 42. Antimicrobial resistance detection with the StarAMR tool and Galaxy workflow Salon ABCD RoomAaron Petkau 43. gxtk: Tool panel in your terminal Salon ABCD RoomCatherine Bromhead
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